New SRNT University Offers Certificate Program and Library Collection

The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) has launched a new online education platform, SRNT University. SRNT-U is a collection of curated training materials, scientific articles, tools, and resources for people working in nicotine and tobacco research and related professions. Developed by more than 140 SRNT member volunteers from 20 countries, SRNT-U is an information hub for students, early-career researchers, and anyone new to nicotine and tobacco research. It’s also a resource for more experienced professionals seeking to expand their knowledge about specific nicotine and tobacco research topics. Access to most content is free, but users who are not SRNT members must create a free, nonmember guest account to view content. Key SRNT-U offerings include:

  • SRNT’s Smoking Cessation Research Certificate Program provides introductory-level training on research methods suitable for smoking cessation treatment research, along with relevant background information.
  • The SRNT-U Library links to hundreds of items related to nicotine and tobacco research, from SRNT and other organizations, organized by topic or discipline.
  • The Research Methodologies and Skills section of the library provides links to information and training on a wide range of research methodologies and skills relevant to drug abuse, from identifying a research question through presenting study results.

SRNT University will participate in the 2019 NIDA International Forum with a live demonstration and updates on new content and sections. Access SRNT-U or email Mona Johnson at for more information.