Monitoring the Future 2019 Survey Results: Vaping

This infographic of the NIH’s 2019 Monitoring the Future survey highlights drug use trends among the Nation’s youth for vaping.


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Figure 1. Teen Vaping Climbs Significantly*

For both Nicotine and Marijuana (THC)
Daily nicotine vaping
Measured for the first time in 2019.

8th grade:          1.9%
10th grade:        6.9%
12th grade:        11.7%

Past month nicotine vaping

8th grade:          9.6%
10th grade:        19.9%
12th grade:        25.5%

Teen Vaping of Marijuana (THC)
Past month marijuana vaping

8th grade:          3.9%
10th grade:        12.6%
12th grade:        14%

The number of seniors who reported vaping marijuana during the past month increased from 7.5% in 2018 to 14% in 2019. This is the second largest one-year jump for any substance in the 45-year survey history, behind past month nicotine vaping (2017 to 2018).

Daily marijuana vaping
Daily marijuana vaping measured for the first time in 2019

8th grade:          0.8%
10th grade:        3.0%
12th grade:        3.5%

Why Do Teens Vape?
When asked why they vape, many teens said:

  • to experiment (60.9%)
  • because it tastes good (41.7%)
  • to have a good time with friends (37.9%)
  • to relax and relieve tension (37.4%) – representing an increase of nearly one-third since 2018
  • to feel good or get high (29.0%)
  • boredom (28.7%)
  • it looks cool (15.2%)
  • because they’re “hooked” (8.1%) which doubled from 2018 (3.6%)
  • to help quit regular cigarettes (6.1%)
  • regular cigarette use is not permitted (3.3%)

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