Step by Step Guides to Finding Treatment for Drug Use Disorders
How to Find Help

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If I want help, where do I start?

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Asking for help is the first important step. Visiting your doctor for a possible referral to treatment is one way to do it. You can ask if they are comfortable discussing drug use screening and treatment. If not, ask for a referral to another doctor. You can also contact an addiction specialist. There are 3,500 board-certified physicians who specialize in addiction in the United States. The American Society of Addiction Medicine website has resources for patients and their families, including information on how to find a physician who can treat addiction. You do not need a doctor’s name; simply fill out the zip code section, and it will reveal treatment experts in your area.  In addition, the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry also has a Patient Referral Program.

It takes a lot of courage to seek help for a drug problem because there is a lot of hard work ahead. However, treatment can work, and people recover from addiction every day. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to counteract addiction's powerful, disruptive effects on brain and behavior and regain control of their lives.

How do I find a treatment center?

If you or your medical specialist decides you can benefit from substance use treatment, you have many options. You can look for a treatment center online at by simply entering your zip code. If you have difficulty navigating the site or prefer to speak with someone on the phone, you can call the helpline and get some advice on how to proceed: 1-800-662-HELP (4357). This service is supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This online treatment finder will allow you to search geographically and will also give you information about the treatment center.