Community Epidemiology Workgroup (CEWG) Reports

Note: The CEWG is no longer active but CEWG reports are available on this site. The final CEWG reports are from June, 2014.  In August, 2014, the National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) was established.

CEWG Meeting Reports

The following reports are from the biannual meetings at which the network members discuss current and emerging problems of substance abuse. At the meetings, CEWG members present data on drug abuse from a variety of city, State, Federal, and other sources. These data are enhanced with information gathered through ethnographic research, focus groups, interviews, and other qualitative methods. This integration of quantitative with qualitative data provides invaluable insight into emerging drug use trends.

June 2014 - <em>Phoenix, Arizona</em>

Highlights and Summaries from June 2014 Reports

Area Reports:

January 2014 - <em>Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota</em>

Highlights and Summaries from January 2014 Reports - includes regional reports

Video Interview with a CEWG Investigator

Area Summaries:

June 2013 - <em>St. Louis, Missouri</em>

Highlights and Summaries from June 2013 Reports

Area Summaries:

January 2013<em> - Albuquerque, New Mexico</em>

June 2012<em> - La Quinta, California</em>

January 2012<em> - San Antonio, Texas</em>

June 2011<em> - Seattle, Washington</em>

January 2011<em> - Scottsdale, Arizona</em>

June 2010<em> - Boston, Massachusetts</em>

January 2010<em> - San Diego, California</em>

June 2009<em> - Chicago, Illinois</em>

January 2009<em> - San Francisco, California</em>

June 2008<em> - Bethesda, Maryland</em>

January 2008 - <em>Fort Lauderdale, Florida</em>

June 2007 - <em>Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</em>

January 2007 - <em>San Antonio, Texas</em>

June 2006 - <em>Minneapolis, Minnesota</em>

January 2006 - <em>Phoenix, Arizona</em>

June 2005 - <em>Denver, Colorado</em>

January 2005 - <em>Long Beach, California</em>

June 2004 - <em>Arlington, Virginia</em>

December 2003 - <em>Atlanta, Georgia</em>

June 2003 - <em>St. Louis, Missouri</em>

December 2002 - <em>Miami, Florida</em>

June 2002 - <em>Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</em>

December 2001 - <em>San Diego, California</em>

June 2001 - <em>Rockville, Maryland</em>

December 2000 - <em>San Francisco, California</em>

June 2000 - <em>Baltimore, Maryland</em>

December 1999 - <em>Los Angeles, California</em>

June 1999 - <em>Seattle, Washington</em>

2004-2006 Border Epidemiology Work Group (BEWG) Reports